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CP/M is now actually open source! Finally you can put a good OS on your computer.

ann_arcana: "Yet, when the AP reporter made the same exact post but swapped out the words “abortion pills” for “a gun,” the post remained untouched. A post with the same exact offer to mail “weed” was also left up and not considered a violation."

ann_arcana: My variation on The Right Hand (rum Negroni).

1.5oz each of Lyre's Dark Cane, Italian Orange, and Aperitif Rosso. Stir to chill, pour over big rock, spritz with a lime twist and garnish with a wedge of lime.

Just a delightful, refreshing drink for a hot day like today.

ann_arcana: Haha! Successfully running @racketlang on my CoCo3. Kinda.

Running the MobaXTerm telnet server on my PC, and connecting on the CoCo3 with Twilight Terminal via a Wimodem232.

ann_arcana: The hits just keep coming.

What do you think the salute will be?

Do you think they'll rebrand the seal? Maybe in red, white, and black this time.

ann_arcana: The justification for lifetime appointment I was always taught was that it made judges immune to the pressures of partisan electoralism.

I think the last ten years should've thoroughly disabused everyone of that absurd idea.

No more unelected, unaccountable life peers, thanks.

ann_arcana: "That a company with $9 million in annual revenue found it appropriate to value itself in the neighborhood of $1 billion tells you just about all you need to know about why these layoffs happened."

ann_arcana: You know what "undermines public trust" in the Supreme Court?

When a bunch of unelected old white men strip the rights from half the fucking country.

Or when even the token opposition drops any mask of concern for the public and we at last see the painting in democracy's attic.

ann_arcana: It won't be balkanization really. "Just move to California" will last until they challenge every progressive law in every state all the way to their panel of ancient fascists.

Then the liberals send in the feds or the troops to "preserve law and order" if the states resist.

ann_arcana: Honestly, if you're going to stage a fascist takeover of the US, the Supreme Court is kinda the way to do it.

You don't have to pass "president for life" if you already have an unaccountable council of Nazi elders who have total veto power on every law or executive order.

ann_arcana: I did live coding in Racket today for a job, and even though I hadn't done anything like it in years, I managed to blunder through in under the allotted time.

Amazing what you can do with good documentation.

ann_arcana: This isn't some "horseshoe theory" shit, spare the dril tweet.

It's just that the political system is fundamentally one of fascism and fascism lite, where even the party that ran on "the status quo is fine" can't even be trusted to AT LEAST preserve that.

Just pure banal evil.

ann_arcana: You know that scene in every Gundam series, where the protaganist looks at both sides of the war honestly for the first time and realize they're both nothing but corrupt murderous bastard more interested in greed and petty hatreds than they are in anything else?

That's America.

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