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ann_arcana: Tall "perfect" martini.

3oz Ritual gin alternative, half oz each dry and sweet vermouth, 3 dashes of orange bitters and two olives.

Needed something bracing to pick me up today, and this definitely did the bill.

ann_arcana: French 75.

Celebrating the new baby.

2oz gin
.5oz lemon juice
.25oz simple syrup

Top with sparkling grape stuff.

A bit sweet, but a nice capper to my week.

ann_arcana: you could've stopped this a decade ago but you were too busy bombing weddings in Afghanistan.

go back to retirement, you did enough damage already.

ann_arcana: "While there is a soul in prison, I am not free."

A threat to the rights of one is a threat to the rights of all.

If the state can claim the right to deny trans people control over their bodies, they can claim it over women, and gays, and immigrants, and so on.

And they will.

ann_arcana: The idea that we're some weird conspiracy to take away women's rights is absurd given that damn near EVERY trans person I've known is extremely pro-choice, because we're all painfully aware of the importance of the right to bodily autonomy and choice in the face of patriarchy

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